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RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenades are found outside the US with Russian and Chinese made versions available. RPG-7s can be stored in both Combat High Density Weapon Racks and Combat Weapon Shelving Systems alongside other weapon systems.

RPG-7s in Combat Weapon Storage Systems can be stored with optics attached to the weapon with no additional weapon rack accessories needed.

RPG-7 Weapon Racks, RPG-7 Gun Racks, RPG-7 Weapon Storage

RPG-7 Weapon Racks, RPG7 Weapon Storage, RPG 7 Weapon Rack Systems
RPG7s stored with M9s, M2s with spare barrels, M4s with 9" & 12" M203s, FN SCARs, SOPMOD M-4s and Noveske Diplomat M4s

RGP-7 Weapon Racks

Weapon Rack Systems

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