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Combat Tactical Weapons Vise
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Combat Tactical Weapons Vises & Combat Tactical Shooting Rests will increase your ability to perform weapon maintenance and cleaning. These units easily adjust to fit both pistols and rifles. The heavy duty steel construction ensures years of reliable performance.

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Solvent Safe foam covered with high quality marine carpet for non stick surface and long lasting durability
  • Three point leveling system with thumb locks
  • Wide "V" front rest fits all firearms
  • Adjusts to exact angle of the stock which increases stability for very accurate shots
  • Rear leveling leg allows for fine elevation adjustments
  • Extra durable e-coat finish inside & out
  • Horizontally telescoping rear shooting pad adjust to all firearms
  • Center groove allows for tight fit to your firearm and there is no need to remove your swivel studs for high accuracy
  • Wide pad stability
  • Adjusts the exact angle of the pistol grip for increased stability

Combat Tactical Weapons Vises can be converted to a Tactical Shooting Rests with the Shooting Rest attachment. Animation shows the weapons vise at the link.

Tactical Weapons Vise Tactical Weapons Solutions
Weapon Vise on Armory Workbench
Weapon Vise adjust for different weapon types
Tactical Weapon Storage
Tactical Weapons Shooting Rest Tactical Weapons Solutions
Tactical Weapon Storage



Tactical Weapons Vise Tactical Weapons Solutions

Tactical Weapons Shooting Rest Tactical Weapons Solutions

Tactical Weapons

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