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NVG or NOD Storage in armories can be a nightmare with thousands of dollars in optics stored in modular drawers or open shelves. Combat Weapon Storage offers Combat Weapon Racks configured for high density NVG Storage capable of storing the NVGs with pad-lockable cabinets meeting the high density storage requirement these high dollar items require. NVGs can be stored by themselves or in conjunction with your weapons.

Combat High Density Weapons Racks come standard with a 10 point locking system meeting OPNAVINST 5530.13C & AR 190-11 for arms storage requirements

Storage of NVGs can be accomplished with the NVGs attached to the weapons, either top, side or bottom mounted or as a separate piece of equipment.

Optics can also be stored detached in the same racks as the weapons with full width storage shelves and storage bins giving the armorer the versatility to store different parts and pieces that go with weapons.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems are available as stand-alone weapon racks or mounted to moveable carriages for a compact storage system. Our expert system designers are standing by to help implement the most efficient, space effective armory design available.

High Density NVG Storage Systems
High Density NVG Storage Systems
Optics Stored inside Combat Weapon Racks
Optics and Ammo Cans stored inside Combat Weapon Racks
High Density NVG Storage Systems
Adjustable Dividers to separate NVGs inside Combat Weapon Racks
Spare Barrel Bags stored with M-240s



Combat NVG Storage Cabinets

High Density NVG Storage Systems

Night Vision Goggle Armory Storage

Optics Armory Storage

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