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Competition is inevitable in any form of business. Because there is competition, you as the end user should always get the best solution to your requirements. Unfortunately given the nature of bids, that does not always happen. Below are examples that we at Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ have encountered and have seen out in the field.

Some of the configurations in our competitor's systems are attempts to store more weapons inside the same footprint in your weapon rack, by limiting your ability to adjust components on a per weapon or 1:1 rifle/weapon to barrel saddle ratio. If you want modularity, demand that you receive individually adjustable barrel saddles, 1 per every rifle to be stored.

When conducting your market research for a Weapon Storage vendor, ask yourself what your goals are for your armory:

  • Is your goal to get the most storage capacity?
  • Combat High Density Weapon Racks have the highest storage density in the market, no gimmicks needed.
  • Is your goal for the most security?
  • Our 10 point locking system is an industry best.
  • Is your goal for the most flexibility inside the rack?
  • Our fully slotted back panel is a rack standard, with individually adjustable barrel saddles.
  • Is your goal transportability into theater?
  • Our transport handles and transport brackets allow for rack deployment without removing weapons from racks.
  • Do you require safety for optics attached to weapons?
  • Standard configurations protect optics attached to weapons with no additional components required. We do not endorse any of the configurations noted below.
  • Do you require a competitive, fair cost?
  • Work direct with Combat Weapon Storage Systems & our weapon storage specialists.
  • Do you require top of the line manufacturing?
  • Combat Weapon Storage is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 manufactured. Ask the competition if they meet these international manufacturing standards. Demand only the best.

Shared Barrel Saddles
Shared barrel saddles are used for two purposes. One reason to use shared barrel saddles, a saddle made up to store multiple weapons with the same bracket, is to eliminate modularity and also to store more weapons across your weapon rack than the rack is actually designed for.

These shared barrel saddles can stagger rifles, one forward - one back or just cram the weapons so close together that more weapons fit in your rack. Protect your weapons, do not accept shared or offset barrel saddles.

The down side to shared barrel saddles is not being able to adjust barrel saddles individually, reducing the armorer's ability to store different weapon systems side by side within the same rack.

Shared Barrel Saddles

Inverted Weapon Storage
Inverted weapon storage brackets are gimmicks used to flip rifles upside down, placing them over the top other storage. This stores a weapon upside down next to a rifle stored right side up. We feel this is a gimmick. Accessories like this used inside weapon racks can increase storage capacities.

However, the downside to storing weapons with inverted brackets is the actual storage and retrieval process becomes slower with less protection for the weapons. Having a weapon stored behind another weapon makes storage & retrieval an arduous process and places more work on the armorer. This also creates more of a process for inventory management as now the armorer will have weapons situated in racks in different positions, complicating what should be an easy task where some labels will be hidden from view, requiring the armorer to remove weapons to verify serial numbers.

Look to the right and tell us how to get the bottom inverted tier of weapons out without taking the two tiers of weapons above out first?

Each time an armorer touches a weapon, a chance for damage or losing scope zero increases. Avoid "Murphy's Law." Avoid inverted weapon storage gimmicks.

Inverted Weapon Storage

Front to Back Weapon Storage
Front to Back Weapon Storage is a gross attempt at creating more storage capacity within a rack. Weapons receive a barrel saddle that is shared and forces the weapon to be turned profile (90 degrees), another gimmick. With this bracket, you literally have 3 weapons stored per bracket, one behind the other perpindicular. This process means that weapons stored in the 2nd or 3rd slot will more than likely require the removal of the weapons stored in front and possibly the weapons stored to the side (see Detail A to the right).

The thought process of jamming more weapons in the same space denies the armorer the ability to store and retrieve weapons without having an utter mess inside the cabinet and also makes inventorying weapons that much harder, as the serial numbers will not always be visible with this layout.

One of our competitors calls this the highest density with optics weapon storage. The solution is clumsy at best, where weapons are able to knock the optics during the storage and retrieval process, knocking optics out of zero.

In an emergency, this gimmick configuration will slow your team down while increasing the chance of optics getting bumped out of zero.

Front to Back Weapon Storage

Front to Back Weapon Storage
Detail A


Horizontal Mounts
Horizontal mounts are nice brackets for M203s or sub-machine guns, but when used to store M4s or M16s from front to back to get more weapons in the rack, they again create storage and retrieval as well as inventory issues. With slings, optics and other attachments to rifles, a horizontal mount lends itself to a mess inside of the rack when used for bulk storage.
Horizontal Mounts

Stop allowing vendors to use gimmicks. Demand the best. Demand Combat Weapon Storage Systems & you will get.

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • High Quality
  • No Gimmicks
  • Highest Capacity
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Largest Selection of adjustable accessories

Servicing the United States Military & Government, Local State, County & City municipalities and Internationally.

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