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M-79 single shot grenade launchers are stored vertically with common components allowing for single or double tier storage in Combat High Density Weapon Racks. M-79s can also be stored on horizontal mounts if necessary. The M-79s stored in Combat High Density Weapon Racks can be stored with rifles such as M-16s, M-4s and other weapon systems with our universal barrel saddles.

M-79s in Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ can be stored vertically or horizontally with standard rack components.

M79 Gun Rack, M79 Grenade launcher weapon rack, M79 Weapon Rack, M79 Weapon Storage System

M79 Weapon Rack
M79 Weapon Rack, M79 Weapon Storage
M79 stored above Crew Serve Weapons
M79 Stored on Horizontal Mounts





M79 Weapon Rack

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