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Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ provides budget pricing and competitive bids for MILCON projects featuring weapon storage areas. MILCON projects require a supplier with knowledge of military how to, base regulations, insurance requirements, project management, safety and Injury & Illness Protection Plans (IIPP) and most importantly government red tape.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems has diverse experience working on federal installations across the country and outside CONUS. Our certified installation teams provide field general workmanship and professionalism.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems also features project managers who's sole job it is to best configure your armory space to your requirements using our exclusive fully modular high density weapon storage systems. Combat High Density Weapon Racks & Combat Weapon Shelving Systems provide storage for weapons with optics attached, allowing the war fighter & law enforcement officers to store weapons without having to zero sights on a day to day basis.

Mobile Weapon Rack Systems provided for MILCON project for company arms rooms.
Combat Weapon Shelving provided for MILCON project to store rifles and shotguns
Combat High Density Weapon Racks provided for MILCON project for NAVFAC
Combat Weapon Shelving provided for MILCON project for Army Corps of Engineers
Portable Armory MILCON installation
Safety vests, helmets and eye protection for portable armory installation


Lateral High Density Weapon Racks by Combat Weapon Storage Systems

Portable Arms Room Weapon Racks

Armory planning for MILCON projects

Servicing the United States Military & Government, Local State, County & City municipalities and Internationally.

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