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Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ provides upgrades to existing armory spaces with new fully modular high density weapon storage systems including Combat Weapon Racks, Combat Weapon Shelving, NVG Cabinets, Compact Storage, Weapon Carts, Armory Cages, Shelving Systems and many more systems to help improve the storage capacity & layout of your armory space.

Whether it involves a site survey or you sending over your armory dimensions & weapon inventory, we will help find a way to make you more efficient in your space. Our space planners specialize in the design and implementation of high density storage systems whether we are configuring free standing Combat Weapon Racks or planning for racks to be installed on top of mobile carriages.

Most armories we visit feature old military issued M12 small arms storage racks, which do not offer the ability to store your weapons with all attachments (top, bottom & side mounted optics), Picatinny rail system installed and also to store different height weapons within the same rack. Combat Weapon Storage Systems provides a fully modular high density weapon storage system capable of storing all your weapons within the same footprint including M16s, M4s (with M68s, M203s & SOPMOD attachments), SCARs, shotguns, crew served weapons such as M-240s, M-249s, M-2s with spare barrels, MK-19s, MK-44 miniguns, M-107s, pistols, NODs, NVGs, tripods and other assorted gear stored in armory space.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems can provide you with a turnkey solution including on site assembly or ship the racks direct with the customer responsible for assembly.

Existing M-12 racks are replaced with Combat High Density Weapon Racks, increasing storage capacity and reducing the storage footprint
Weapons stored in caskets can be rolled out into Combat Weapon Storage Systems, allowing for more effective inventories and sight counts.


Armory Renovations from Combat Weapon Storage Systems

Armory Reconfiguration by Combat Weapon Storage Systems

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