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Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ provides secure fully modular high density weapon storage systems for aircraft such as C-130s, C-17s, C-5s, CV-22s and other aircraft capable of storing weapon racks ready for deployment. Using our ruggedized carry handles, Combat High Density Weapon Racks are deployable and ready for action. Racks can be installed on top of mobile caster bases or bolted to the aircraft.

Combat Weapon Racks are also available with solid steel doors to conceal weapons stored in the aircraft. With security at a premium, concealing weapons on flights helps keep weapons out of view and secure with our 10 point locking system in place.

Combat High Density Weapon Racks have been supplied for military airplanes, helicopters and for Special Forces units.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems provides free, no obligation AutoCAD drawings complete with costing and budget numbers.

Combat High Density Weapons Racks for Airplanes and helicopters

Combat Weapon Racks installed on caster bases for planes

Servicing the United States Military & Government, Local State, County & City municipalities and Internationally.

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