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Pacific Compression Clip Shelving

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Pacific Clip Shelving offers the versatility of inter-changeable components for all open and closed shelving units, the option of assembling with bolts and nuts (rather than clips), and the choice of front posts. "Starter" and "Adder" models are available in most sizes.

  • Heights to 22' without splicing (most configurations)
  • Widths to 48"
  • Depths to 36"
  • Standard heights 7'1" (85") and 8'1" (97")
  • Vertical shelf adjustments in 1-1/2" increments

Shelving System Growth
When determining sizes of Pacific shelving systems, the post size will increase the overall width and depth as shown below.

Angle Post
Delta Post
Beaded Post
Add to Shelf Width:
3/8" per unit
3/8" per unit + 1/2" per row
3/8" per unit + 3/4" per row
Add to Shelf Depth:
To Determine Shelf Clear Opening, Subtract from Shelf Width:

Post Designs

  • All Posts roll formed of heavy gauge steel
  • Posts adaptable to all storage arrangements except as noted
  • Heights available from 5' to 22' (most styles)
Angle Post
Delta Post
Beaded Post
  • Most Popular Style
  • Stiffening offset rib
  • Ideal for seismic applications
  • Always used as rear posts in combination with other posts
  • Shelf access is reduced by 1-7/8"
  • Double sided design with independent shelf positioning - ideal as common posts between multiple units
  • Unobstructed shelf access
  • Smooth front face for office applications
  • Roll-formed of 14-gauge steel
  • Not suitable for seismic or heavy-duty applications
  • Double sided design with independent shelf positioning - ideal as common posts between multiple units
  • Maximum weight-bearing capacity for heavy-duty and mezzanine applications
  • 13 gauge tubular steel design

Shelf Construction

  • Shelves are 18 gauge, except Class 0, which are 20 gauge
  • All shelves double flanged on sides and triple flanged front and rear
  • Tops are punched on 2" centers for adjustment of dividers
  • Front and rear faces are punched for label holders, angle sway braces and reinforcing bars and angles
  • Standard widths: 30", 36", 42", 48"
  • Standard depths: 12", 15", 18", 24", 30", 36"
  • Note: Reinforcing bars and angles are sold separately and installed at customer location

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Pacific Closed Post Shelving- Clip Shelving- Compression Clip Shelving

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