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Mobile Shelving Systems
High-Density Shelving Systems

MTM Business Systems, Mobile Shelving, Compact Shelving, High Density Mobile Shelving, Rolling Files, The High Density Professionals

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Mobile Shelving Systems double your filing capacity or free up to 50% of your existing floor space for other uses, work stations, a conference center, mail room, etc.

Mobile Shelving Systems are available under GSA contract. Please fill out our feedback form for more information.

By mounting shelving units on movable carriages, Space Pro eliminates the need for multiple aisles. You can utilize your existing shelving or filing cabinets with the Space Pro system or select from a wide range of storage options.

From high end legal offices, medical facilities and financial institutions to warehouse operations, Space Pro complements the style of your workplace with a virtually endless selection of end panels in solid colors, woodgrains and beautiful designer patterns. An ergonomic handle allows effortless movement of an entire library.

Our experienced Sales Team and CAD Design department can create a custom layout targeting your specific needs with a comprehensive quote for the mobile system, shelving and accessories to suit your business.

Multiple Track Designs
All Space Pro track designs incorporate tongue and groove rail connections to maintain proper rail alignment for smooth and easy carriage movement with minimal effort. From small surface mount track systems to raised level deck systems, Space Pro has the track to suit your needs.

Solid Foundation
Space Pro deck systems utilize top grade 3/4" tongue and groove plywood providing a level, safe and substantial walking surface ideal for the floor covering of your choice.

Carriage Design
All carriages come complete with welded cross members that utilize factory installed and tested dual flange wheels housed in lifetime maintenance free bearings.

Mechanical Assist Drive System
Mechanical assist systems feature full-length drive shafts. By turning the handle, the chain drive transfers power to the drive shaft moving all drive wheels throughout the carriage simultaneously. This prevents racking of carriages. A simple chain tensioning device provides infinite chain adjustments for trouble-free use. Manually moved carriages are also available for smaller systems.

Ergonomic Handle
Space Pro's own uniquely designed mechanical assist handle affords effortless carriage movement. By grasping and turning one of the three rotating knobs, users can easily move multiple carriages at one time. The die cast aluminum construction and powder coat finish provide a combination of aesthetics and durability for high-end office environments or heavy industrial work settings.

Safety First
All mechanical assist handles are equipped with a safety locking pin for disabling carriage movement. In addition, carriage mounted bumpers provide the proper spacing for media protection.

Storage Units
Space Pro carriages are designed to accept virtually every style of shelving and cabinetry, either new or existing.

Law Firm Mobile Shelving System
Tape Vault Mobile Shelving System
Central File Room Shelving
Tape Vault Mobile Shelving
Box Shelving Mobile Shelving System
File Room Mobile Shelving
Box Storage Mobile Shelving
File Room Mobile Shelving
Central File Room Mobile Storage
Color Code Folders in Mobile Shelving
Central File Room Mobile Storage
Color Code Folders in Mobile Shelving
Law Firm File Storage Shelving
Medical File Room Mobile Shelving
Law Firm File Storage Shelving
Medical File Room Mobile Shelving

Limitless Applications

If you Need to Store It, Space Pro will Hold It!

  • Letter or Legal Files
  • Mammograms
  • Books
  • Archives
  • Golf Bags
  • Engine Parts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Videos and CDs
  • Books and Binders
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Computer Discs
  • and more...

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Space Pro Mobile Storage Systems- Mobile Aisle Systems for Law Firms
Space Pro Saver by Direct Line- Mobile Aisle Systems- Moveable Shelving- Shelving Systems

Space Pro Mobile Storage Systems- Mobile Aisle Systems

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