Russ Bassett Slidetrac, Slidetrac High Density Tape Storage, Slidetrac Compact Tape Storage, Rolling Tape Rack Shelving
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Russ Bassett Slidetrac
High Density Multi Media Shelving

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The Advantages of ProMedia Slidetrac High Density Multi Media Shelving Storage Systems are:

  • Lower initial equipment cost
  • Greater flexibility
  • Floorspace efficiency
  • Quicker visual & physical access
  • No drawers or doors to open
  • May be installed over carpet
  • Ease of adding more units as your collection grows
  • Cabinet & shelves are factory assembled, not "KD"

All Russ Bassett products are available on GSA contract, please contact us for a free no obligation survey for a proposal.

ProMedia shelf cabinets may be wall-mounted; or, installed back-to-back and side-to-side; or, become an integral part of a Slidetrac system.

More Capacity
For additional capacity, ProMedia cabinets are wider than industry norm...37.75" (vs 36"). ProMedia Shelving is adjustable on 1/2" centers (vs 1" or more). For smaller media, this often allows 1 or 2 additional shelves per cabinet. Cabinets are available in 81 & 90" heights.

More Convenience
The shelves are a revolutionary new design that enables the use of new labor-efficient accessories. Built-in "tracks" position the accessories and provide a "finger gap" for easy media access. These new shelves are stronger & thinner -- often allowing additional shelves to be fitted into a cabinet. 4 depths...5, 6, 7, & 8" handle every popular media format. Shelves are easily installed or relocated without tools or loose hardware, thanks to a new Stop-Lock connector that is formed into the shelf.

Finger Space
Shelves are designed to maximize storage yet provide adequate finger space for retrieving media.

Adjustable backstops position all media toward the front edge of the shelf. This reduces labor costs by improving visual and physical access. It also reduces the space otherwise required between adjacent shelves. Generous use of backstops may actually increase capacity, facilitating installation of additional shelves. Adjustable Slide-N-Lock bookends release and grip (without tools) at any desired increment along the shelf slots to hold the media firmly in-place.

Mix and Match Media
Group mixed media projects together with the "infinitely adjustable," Slide-N-Lock bookends.

Slidetrac is a base system that exclusively uses ProMedia shelf cabinets. Convert stationary shelving to rolling shelving or add to any existing Slidetrac installation at your convenience. Slidetrac bases fit any combination of 5, 6, 7, & 8" shelving, either 2 or 3 rows deep. Row 1 (the stationary row) may be wall-mounted or mounted back-to-back to an adjacent Slidetrac system.

Overhead Tracks
Smooth-action tracks and Teflon bearings make moving shelves a breeze.

Preconfigured and BYO Cabinets
For convenience there are "pre-configured" cabinets to accommodate popular media applications- For custom tailored solutions, that respond exactly to your specific media collection, specify BYO (build your own) cabinets.

Easy Installation
Avoid endless hours of leveling and releveling. Slidetrac bases have 6 individual leveling glides that are accessible from the top.

Easy Operation
Each base unit is fitted with 6 (easily accessible) massive adjustable leveling glides to assure smooth "easy-to-push" operation, even on highly irregular floors. Slidetrac bases are pre-drilled so that tracks may be repositioned in-the-field if you need to reconfigure case sizes.

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Russ Bassett Slidetrac, Slidetrac High Density Tape Storage, Slidetrac Compact Tape Storage, Rolling Tape Rack Shelving

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