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Virtual Doxx
Seamless Integration Between Paper & Electronic Records
Records Management Software

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VirtualDoxx is developed using state of the art Java and Open Source software development tools including: (Java, Linux, JBoss, MySQL, Apache, & Tomcat). There is no cost for any third-party software, ensuring leading edge technology and low cost of ownership. You can access VirtualDoxx from its fortress-class, secure data center, or install it locally on inidivudal workstations or servers. The database and user interface are designed to model your organizational structure and transaction workflows. The database maintains all the relationships between each transaction and all of its associated records, documents and pages.

From document based system to computerized transaction management

  • Records management and tracking - Use bar code technology to find the records you need when you need them
  • Document management and electronic forms - Blend scanned and office documents with electronic forms for complete electronic records
  • Workflow automation and transaction engineering - Manage diverse documents and processes required to complete key business transactions
  • Label and item printing - Link to host systems and print any label or item, anytime, from any ink-jet, laser or thermal printer

Product Features

  • Fully integrated color-coded file folder label printing software
  • File folder and archive box indexing, bar coding and tracking
  • Records classification systems and retention schedules
  • Document imaging and electronic records
  • Electronic forms (eForms) and eForm libraries
  • Workflow queuing and business process automation
  • Manage the complete life cycle of active and inactive records
  • Meet industry and government regulatory compliance requirements
  • Queue and electronically route eForms for computerized workflow
  • Every business process and personnel task is assigned a transaction number for tracking and measurement
  • Advanced technologies integration
  • 1-D, 2-D and RFID bar code technology and wireless computing
  • Emerging pen and voice interfaces for structured data capture
  • Fully customizable for any vertical market or business process application
  • Single source solutions through partnerships with leading providers of hardware, leasing services and third party software

Identify Each Record At The Point of Origination

  • Type of import data for each file folder record and index with unique bar code, color-coding and text
  • Link record origination to underlying records classification and retention scheduling system

Use Bar Code Technology to Track Records

  • Index records and documents with 1-D, 2-D, and RFID (radio frequency) and bar codes to track their location
  • Utilize bar codes to manage the entire document life cycle, from origination to archiving to final disposition
  • Perform record inventories using RFID rather than "line of sight" bar code reading

Use of Imaging and eForms to Streamline All Facets of Document Management

  • Scan loose documents and active or inactive records and convert to computer images
  • Convert paper forms to electronic format and populate with data from host database(s)
  • Tag printed eForms with unique transaction number bar code identifiers for exceptions and retention management
  • Group eForms by "type of transaction" and easily update transactions over time
  • Blend digital documents and electronic forms with application documents for comprehensive electronic records
  • Re-engineer business processes by routing eForms, drawings, scanned images, photos or other content through electronic workflow and digital storage
  • Maximize efficiency with advanced pen and structure voice data capture capabilities

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Virtual Doxx, Virtual Doxx Records Management Software, VirtualDoxx File Tracking Software, Virtual Doxx eForms

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