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Korden Fire Resistant Files

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Imagine your home or office being destroyed by fire. At temperatures of over 1000F, entire structures, furniture, and fixtures are consumed indiscriminately. The devastation of your belongings and environment is compounded by the realization that the important documents you require in an emergency have been destroyed as well. Korden's family of Underwriters Laboratory classified fire resistant storage products are designed to help you begin restoring your home or office by protecting your valuable documents and records from the ravages of fire. Korden produces fireproof files for Vertical Filing Cabinets (Letter and Legal Size), Lateral Filing Cabinets, and Shelf Files.

All files carry the label from Underwriters' Laboratories' signifying Class 350 one-hour "Record Protection Equipment classified as to Fire Resistance (formerly "Class D"), or Underwriters' Laboratories' Class 350 one-hour "Record Protection Equipment classified as to Fire and Impact Resistance (formerly "Class C").

Only UL approved fire-resistant products can assure you of the level of protection necessary to safeguard documents in the event of a fire. Korden offers two levels of record protection equipment recognized by UL as both fire-resistant and fire and impact resistant. The UL label is an assurance that your file's interior will not exceed 350F while subjected to external temperatures of 1700F over a one hour period. To earn the UL label, files endured the following tests:

Vertical Fire Proof Files

Korden offers both letter and legal size Fire Resistant and Fire and Impact Resistant Fire Proof Files. You can view the features of Korden Fire Proof Files by clicking here and viewing a features image. Model #'s and dimensions can be viewed by downloading the Korden Fire Proof File Brochure on the last page of the brochure.

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Lateral Fire Proof Files

Drawers are available in 2, 3, and 4 drawer heights in the popular 30", 36", and 42" widths. Additionally, Korden lateral files are available in any one of 18 standard colors or can be custom matched to any existing color scheme or product line. All typical filing configurations are available by simply specifying the appropriate letter (A, B, C, D) in conjunction with the model number when placing your order.

Korden offers a wide selection of files to choose from. Whether you prefer the chrome pull or the full pull drawer design, the receding drawer that allows visual access to top drawers of the taller 5 drawer (not available on fire proof models), or the half-height drawers for card filing or micrographic media filing, Korden has the right file for your application.

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Korden Shelf Files (Not Fire Proof)

  • Manufactured from heavy gauge furniture grade cold rolled steel.
  • Electrically welded for precise and durable construction.
  • Thorough finishing of parts to ensure user safety.
  • Environmentally sound electrostatically baked enamel finish.
  • Core-changeable central locking system with master key capabilities.
  • Three interlocking steel dividers per opening.

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Korden Fire Resistant Files- Fire Proof Files

Korden Lateral Fire Resistant Files- Fireproof Files

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KordenFPF.pdf (584 kb)
KordenLateral.pdf (650 kb)
KordenShelf.pdf (201 kb)

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