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MTM Business Systems offers strip label design services to design strip labels for customers using label printing software to print color coded strip labels for file folders. Virtual Labels from Virtual Doxx, ColorBar Gold from Smead Software and GBS Net Labels allow for professional custom label designs to be created. Contact us today for information on label printing systems.

MTM Business Systems also offers the patent pending RFID+File Label which includes an RFID inlay embedded into blank label stock. This allows customers to implement RFID file tracking solutions seamlessly and cost effectively utilizing Virtual Doxx RFID.

Color Code Misfile
Virtual Labels strip label application
With color code filing this is how you spot a misfiled folder
Applying full strip labels to file folders is easy
Print color code strip labels
Bar Code File Tracking
Printing out sheets of labels is a simple step
Strip labels allow for future bar code tracking systems to be implemented


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Strip Label Designs are offered by MTM Business Systems for ColorBar Gold and Intaglio Label Printing Programs

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